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The Unit of Demography and Social Gerontology, University of Lodz is dedicated to population research, with particular emphasis on the problems of old age and elderly people.

The Unit follows the tradition of demographic research dating back to 1946, when Prof. Edward Rosset established a Department of Statistics both at the University of Lodz (UL) and at the Higher School of Economics (HSE) in Lodz. In 1961, when the HSE was incorporated in the UL as the Faculty of Economics and Sociology, the Department of Demography and Statistics was formed. It was subsequently succeeded by the Unit of Statistics and Demography within the framework of the Institute of Econometrics and Statistics, which was established at the University of Lodz at the beginning of the 1970s. In 1992, the Department was reorganized, and three independent units were formed. One of them was the Unit of Demography, now functioning under the name "Unit of Demography and Social Gerontology". The Unit is part of the Institute of Statistics and Demography, University of Lodz.

Historically, the Unit was managed by Prof. Edward Rosset (full member of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the doyen of Polish demography and social gerontology), Assoc. Prof. Zbigniew Michalkiewicz, Prof. Zofia Zarzycka, and Prof. Jerzy T. Kowaleski.