Witold ¦migielski – – PhD research fellow in the Unit of Demography and Social Gerontology, University of Lodz. Other activities: former principal analyst of a media market company in Warsaw.

Author of the monograph Models of family life. The Case Study of the Academic Youth in Lodz (in Polish), University of Lodz Press, 2015. Some other papers: Using ROC Curves to Find the Cut-Off Point in Logistic Regression with Unbalanced Samples, Statistics in Transition, vol. 11, nr 2, 2010 (co-authors: Janusz ¦migielski, Anna Majdzińska) and Emigration Intention of Academic Youths in View of Own Research Results (in Polish), Studia Ekonomiczne, no. 98, 2012, University of Economics in Katowice.

In February 2018 presented the paper „Life Expectancy and All-Caused Mortality among Polish Soccer Players” prepared together with a few co-authors (Dorota Kałuża-Kopias, Wojciech Drygas and others), with which inspired his research fellows to apply duration analysis to the population of sports federation memebers.

Main research areas: sports demography, survey studies in science and business, family demography and sociology, application of statistical methods in medicine.